A recent report from Forbes has it that Sony is working on a brand new home gaming console, we'll call it the PlayStation 4 for ease of recognition. Forbes indicates that former employees of AMD have said that Sony's upcoming console will make use of AMD's graphics technology.

As a point of note for discussion's sake, Sony currently uses NVIDIA's technology in their PlayStation 3. The company that uses AMD is Microsoft with the Xbox 360.

Neither Sony or AMD have commented on this matter. Sony has said several times that they aren't ready to announce the PlayStation 4 yet and will likely be the last console manufacturer to reveal new hardware. The company is currently trying to sell the PlayStation Vita, a device that only fully hit retail yesterday, and is enjoying strong success with the PlayStation 3.

If news of AMD playing a role in the PlayStation 4 is true, then perhaps Sony was able to land a better price from that hardware maker than they currently enjoy with NVIDIA.

[via Forbes]