Sony has a hilarious live-action TV spot now airing called Perfect Day. It features live action recreations of all your favorite launch games, or at least what is designed to look like generic versions of your favorite launch games.

Remember, if this seems a little too manly for your tastes, it first aired during Monday Night Football while the San Diego Chargers were putting the hurt on the Indianapolis Colts, so gamers aren't exactly the target audience of this particular piece.

Still, it's entertaining to pick out the obvious sources of inspiration. The Elder Scrolls Online make an appearance with what could only be the Dragonborn going toe-to-toe with an assassin of some kind. The same friends also take the roles of racers trading paint in what could be Sony's own DriveClub.

And of course, what kind of a manly activity would gaming be without two groups of dudes exchanging lead? Two squads face down one another on the field of battle in what could only be inspired by Killzone: Shadow Fall.

The two friends, while playing video games, sing a nice little rendition of the classic Lou Reed song Perfect Day. How touching. I love when the burl image of the NFL leaks into video games obviously not intended for the targeted audience. Hilarity always ensues, and this is one of the better commercials I've seen for the new consoles so far.

The PlayStation 4 launches on Nov. 15. Are you excited for whatever greatness awaits?

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