It’s holiday season and the special offers just keep rolling in. Just yesterday, Microsoft announced they are ready to reward their loyal players with 2% off every Xbox Live purchase they make from here on out. It’s a cute deal that lands you back 16 MS Points ($0.20) for every 800 MS points ($10) you spend.

Sony is now countering with a deal that will only last until the end of October. Gamers who spend over $100 through gaming’s busiest month will get a $20 dollar voucher towards any purchases made in November. The offer is only available for the first $100 and does not compound upon itself. $20 is all you can get through this deal, but that’s still a nice number.

To put that in perspective with the Xbox Live MyAchievement rewards program, spending $100 will get you $2 back. Of course, this is a loyalty program that will extend far beyond the end of October, but to get that $20 from Microsoft, you’ll need to drop a hefty $1,000 into their digital distribution channel, and that’s at the rate only for those with a Gamescore higher than 25,000. Those with a Gamescore between 10,000 and 24,999 will have to spend $2,000 to get $20 from Microsoft.

Something tells me you won’t be spending that much until the next time Sony decides to have a sale, but I’ll let you decide which is the more rewarding deal.

Sony is all about pushing their online services these days. This deal is obviously being thrown out there to promote PSN Day 1 sales, full retail games that are available through the PlayStation Store upon the first day of release. Great deals like this, as well as the free Instant Game Collection program, have given a resurgence to PlayStation Plus and have finally made the once laughable subscription competitive.

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