Sony held a special press conference to announce and formally unveil the upcoming successor for the PSP, the device is currently codenamed the "NGP." During this conference, Sony confirmed that they expected a holiday 2011 release for three major regions around the world. Those regions? North America, Asia and Europe.

Now, SCEA President and CEO Jack Tretton has revealed that the company does not anticipate making their projected launch window. Tretton cited the earthquake and subsequent disasters in Northern Japan as cause for the unexpected delay. Tretton went on to explain that Sony might be releasing the NGP this year in only one region, instead of the previously planned trio.

Tretton would not comment on which region would see the NGP first. However, if we're given the freedom of speculation, we'll guess that the first region to see the release of the NGP will like be Asia. Japan has positively gobbled up the PSP and its games, while the system has fallen by the wayside around the world. Games like Monster Hunter 3 have driven sales in Japan, so we expect that nation and its consumer body to see the NGP before the rest of the world.

And, adding further fuel for that fire, Japan tends to see console hardware releases before the rest of the world. The 3DS, for instance, was released in Japan a month before everywhere else.

As always, it's impossible to compare the delay of tech with the ongoing tragedy in Japan. However, this news proves that the world will be feeling the effects of the March 11th earthquake for a long time.

[via Bloomberg]