In light of all of the ridiculous setbacks and outages, it has become pretty easy to start questioning whether or not Sony still has plans to release their NGP by the end of this year. That was the time frame they targeted at the announcement, and it's one that has not been commented on since the hackers threw Sony into a whirlwind of problems.

During a financial earnings report, a representative from Sony did, in fact, confirm that the company is still on track to release the NGP within 2011. They did not discuss plans of either a worldwide release or releasing on territory at a time. Breathe your sigh of relief now if you've been holding it in since reading the headline. Despite the attacks, the PlayStation Network outage and user backlash, Sony's looking to usher in the next generation portable sooner rather than later.

The call went on to discuss the current pace of the PlayStation Network restoration process. That too, luckily, is still on track for the previously announced May 31st rebuild date. Japan will likely start seeing its service trickle to full force over the next several days. The rest of the world will see the full network up by May 31st. If it is late, according to Sony, it will only be by a few days.

That's all great news. Despite the hacks that have kept streaming in for the corporation, and the project fiscal loss of more than $170 million, Sony's working hard to alleviate their problems and bring their product line back on track.

Now a question for you TechnoBuffalo readers: does the way Sony's handled this outage influence your opinion of the company or your desire to keep purchasing their products? We ask that in both a positive and negative light; if you think they handled the situation well, tell us why. The same goes for if you think they handled the situation poorly. Have at it!