Sony Walkman B170

Sony has unveiled the latest edition to its Walkman family today in the form of the Walkman B170 — a miniature device that promises to be big on bass. It's packing up to 4GB of storage that will accommodate around 400 songs, but arguably its most impressive feature is its three-minute charge times.

That's right; Sony promises that a three-minute charge will give you 90 minutes of audio playback. Charge the device until its full, however, and you'll be able to listen non-stop for 18 hours. That's pretty impressive for a device that weighs just 28g.

In addition to an onboard equalizer, the B170 offers a dedicated "Bass Boost" feature that offers "rich, pumping low-end" guaranteed to make your eardrums cry (not really), and "ZAPPIN" search technology that scans your music collection and finds songs that match your mood:

Looking for the right song to fit your mood? ZAPPIN™ search technology scans through your music collection, previewing a snatch of each track without menus or playlists. Hear a track you like and press the 'ZAP' button again to hear the whole song.

It's also got a voice recorder, a color-matching LED that pulses in time with the music, and a built-in USB that allows you to slot it straight into your PC, hi-fi, or car stereo. That's a lot of features for a device so small and light.

The Walkman B170 will be available with 2GB or 4GB of storage from this month, but there's no word on pricing just yet.

What do you think of Sony's new Walkman B170?

[via Engadget]