A collection of Sony's greatest gaming heroes walk into a bar…

The resulting feel of blending live action versions of characters like Snake, Kratos, Nathan Drake and Cole MacGrath may initially come off as a little cheesy, but the end product of Sony's brand new PlayStation 3 advert is one that most gamers will like. The characters raise a toast to this single fictitious "Michael," the every-man that represents all of us.

While the commercial doesn't present any new games, footage, hardware or announcements, it stands as a piece of Sony's new "Long live play" marketing campaign. That was unveiled with this unbelievable commercial featuring Kevin Butler:

All of this gives us a reason to pose a question to you readers: Do you see this recent campaign as a turning point in the gaming industry?

For the last few years, the face of each gaming company has been focused on bringing casual gamers to their platforms. We've seen three versions of motion control, one for each system, and campaigns that aim to introduce new players to products.

But what about us gamers? We've been here all along, buying products year after year without ever thinking twice about the potential of the gaming medium. We've always loved video games and the characters and stories they let us experience.

Sony's clearly decided it's time to get back to their roots by taking time to pay tribute to the core crowd. But why? We ask you again: is this part of a turning point in the industry? Will companies start to move away from the casual audience and back to the whole gaming base?