Sony wants to take your eyeballs where they’ve never been before. The company on Wednesday announced a beautiful and enormous 4k, 84-inch LCD HDTV at IFA, and it promises to take users on a journey unlike anything they’ve ever experienced.

For starters, Sony is claiming the upgrade in resolution is a bigger jump than what we saw from standard definition to high definition. I’m sobbing, but these are tears of joy. In addition, the 4k set has the ability to upconvert existing TV shows, movies and photos into the wonderful new resolution. Not only that, but the TV packs built-in speakers (ten of them!) giving viewers the impression of 5.1 surround sound.

The set will launch in phases, Sony said, beginning at the end of the year. No price point was shared, though we’d expect only the most wealthy to afford this one right out of the gate. It’s enormous, stunning and could be what we hope to be the start of a new era in TV.

[via Sony]