The firm was recently granted a patent for a wireless charging feature that enables power exchange between various consumer electronic devices, including computers, fridges, smartphones and TVs.

To function, the technology uses “a plurality of antenna systems” configured for wireless data and power transfers, coupled with a graphical user interface to simply the process of connecting devices.

It certainly looks like Sony is hoping that in the future all home appliances will radiate wireless energy, so that your smartphone (and other gadgets) can charge in the background without having to be plugged in.

We have to say, it’s a great idea. Imagine being able to walk into your home or office, open an application, then instruct it wirelessly to draw power from your TV to replenish your phone’s battery.

It won’t be limited to smartphones

Obviously, after its initial debut on smartphones, there’s potential for the technology to make its way to plenty of other devices, such as fitness trackers, smartwatches and tablets.

Baby steps, though. Baby steps.

We should note…

Without putting too much of a downer on this revelation, we should note that there’s a perfectly good chance this system will never see the light of day. Just because it’s patented, doesn’t mean it will definitely hit the shelves.