There is a rumor that's been surrounding the next gen consoles for a few months now. Supposedly, both Microsoft and Sony are cooking up ways to make playing used games on their next systems impossible.

The whole idea is insane, and it's one that would both crush the used game industry and make a lot of gamers exceptionally angry.

The odds of these rumors being entirely legitimate, however, have just become a bit more narrow. Industry analyst Michael Pachter was part of the gaming professionals panel on GameTrailers' Bonus Round segment. At the onset of the episode that examines Sony's potential plans for this year's E3, Pachter talks about speaking with Sony's American CEO, Jack Tretton. According to Pachter, Tretton is entirely against the concept of next gen hardware blocking the play of used games and software.

Tretton went as far as saying that Sony would be doing a disservice to consumers by eliminating used games. He admitted that this was simply his personal view, however, and that Japan could think differently.

We'd love to put this potential hardware "feature" to bed right this very second. The whole notion that console manufacturers would make a play to eliminate the used game market and the options it provides customers is entirely terrifying.