Sony's game streaming service, PlayStation Now, is available starting today in North America.

If you should subscribe, you'll have access to over 100 PlayStation 3 titles including bigger titles like Infamous and Batman: Arkham City as well as more obscure games like ChimeEl Shaddai and Papo & Yo.

The subscription service is available in different payment plans: You can drop $20 each month to keep playing or buy three months at a time for $45. The service as it launches is not connected to PlayStation Plus, so you can enjoy the service without paying that separate fee but, by the same token, PlayStation Plus members don't currently pull down any special discounts on the service, either.

In addition to monthly subscriptions, there are also a variety of rental options available. In reply to a question on his blog post about PlayStation Now last week, the service's director of marketing, Peter Jamshidi, said that "the PS Now rental catalog already has 200+ games and games are added weekly so yes, you may find some games that will not be in the current subscription offering but can still be rented individually." For those without enough gaming time to take advantage of the subscription, this might be an appealing option.

Right now the service is only available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but other devices like the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV  – not to mention Sony Blu-ray players and televisions – are coming along later this year.

With 100+ games on the subscription and just as many ready to rent already available, will you be signing up?