Castaway Boy Keith

Long before Alundra, Brave Fencer Musashi, Dark Cloud, OkamiDarksiders and the rest of the games Sony has tried to hype as PlayStation's "Zelda killer," the company at one point was developing a game called Castaway Boy Keith for the original Game Boy. This action/adventure game looks like it would have incorporated many of the ideas found in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

A full three years before Link's Awakening was even released, mind you.

Sadly though, Castaway Boy Keith was never completed, and we'll never have a chance to see how it holds up. A few screenshots from Twitter user Dosunceste, via Unseen64, have turned up showing off some slick usage of the Game Boy's limited black and white color pallet, and that is the best we'll ever get.

Honestly, it probably was not the "Zelda Killer" I jokingly refer to it as. Link's Awakening was not only heralded for its gameplay but also for its impressive graphic engine which capitalized on the Game Boy's powers in ways that third-party companies could only dream of. Castaway Boy Keith's graphics are cute but hardly revolutionary or above par for what was available at the time.

Unseen64's screenshots date back to 1990, meaning Castaway Boy Keith would probably have been released in early 1991. That would put it on a similar timeline with Final Fantasy Adventure, another similarly themed action/adventure game that was a lot of fun but hardly a "Zelda killer" by any stretch of the imagination.

Again, it's just lost history, but the fun comes from seeing Sony trying to match The Legend of Zelda long before the PlayStation was even an idea.