You know E3 is super close as the companies begin sending out invitations to the media for their annual press conferences. The PlayStation team did that yesterday, and they’ve dated their presser in its standard slot.

The show will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, June 12, 2017. Sony’s showings are typically the longest of the week, so expect at least an hour of content on display.

The E3 spread is getting large

Sony’s taken its normal Monday time. I imagine Ubisoft will hit on Monday, too. Nintendo? Expect a Direct presentation Tuesday morning. EA and Microsoft, though? They’ve shifted ahead of the week. Microsoft is on Sunday, while EA’s hosting a three-day event ahead of the week. Bethesda’s on Sunday, too.

E3 has become more than just a single week in June. Thanks to companies wanting more of their own space on the calendar, E3 has spread to practically a week and a half. We’re genuinely wondering if the audience wants to pay attention that long.

Do you?