Sony's Listening to Feedback - Wayne's World 2

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has directed fans to another company employee for PlayStation 4 and Project Morpheus feedback and requests, and we think this marks a really great minor decision by the company.

Yoshida did this on Twitter, of course, as he’s one of the more active company execs. Much like Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, Yoshida constantly works with fans. Here’s his tweet.

People talk a lot about the feature war between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. I own both platforms, and I think they each do specific things very well. However, Microsoft has been the most active and adaptive with its firmware updates since launch, and I hope this feedback collection effort by Sony marks its turn to shine in this regard.

Already, Aoki has started responding to one of the more requested system features. This one seems sort of minor, though it really isn’t, and hopefully he’s really looking into it. Gamers want uncompressed screenshots

When you snap a screen now, it saves as a compressed JPEG. It doesn’t look good. Gamers are hoping for an uncompressed PNG version. Me too, really.

What features are you hoping to see on the PlayStation 4? Hey, don’t tell me! Tell Toshimasa Aoki.