PlayStation Store

Hey there. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there has been a little snag in the logic behind Sony’s 10 percent DDoS discount this weekend. Originally, the report stated that most products would be allowed to have the discount attached. Of course, this came with a few exceptions.

These exceptions mostly extended to movie rentals, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, PS Now, and a few other non-gaming related items. However, we can now add pre-orders to this list. A recent update on the PlayStation Blog post has clarified that the 10 percent discount will not be applicable to pre-orders of incoming games.

I stated when originally reporting that there was nothing really available at $60 that I wanted right now, but I received a few suggestions to pre-order something at the $60 price, taking full advantage of my discount. Due to recent developments, it seems like no Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, or Batman: Arkham Knight for me! Bummer.

That’s fine. I’m not going to complain over a discount I’m barely even entitled too, and I’m still going to pick up Final Fantasy X-2 for my Vita like I’ve always planned.

Don’t look so down, because there are still plenty of wonderful games to buy through the PlayStation Store these days, and Atlus, Square Enix, and 2K Games all have event sales this weekend which can be compounded on top of. Surely you can find something in there you like!