Sony Xperia Z3v-4

Verizon is rolling out a software update for the Sony Xperia Z3V that brings a whole host of big improvements. In addition to enhanced NFC, the update finally enables HD video in Google Play Movies, fixes issues with the Lifelog app, and lots more.

The update comes with build number "23.0.E.1.44," and it's rolling out now over-the-air to Xperia Z3V devices. Arguably its biggest change is the enabling of HD video in Play Movies, which will be a welcome change for any movie fan. But there are other significant improvements, too.

Sony has made alterations to the design of its Lifelog app to bring it in line with other apps, and updated the notification text to explain how you can put your device into "high accuracy mode." The company has also simplified its email app to make the notification settings easier to access.

Optimizations have also been made to the "oversized email retransmit," which simply means there will be less of a strain on your data allowance when you receive large emails. Data notifications during calls have also been reduced, so your handset won't buzz so much while you're talking.

Other visual changes include "font size and layout improvements," Verizon's release notes read, and a tweak to the way in which HTML links are displayed in emails.

If you haven't already received this update on your Xperia ZV3, you can search for it manually from within the software update section of the Settings app.