The Sony Xperia Z2, currently going by the codename of "Sirius," has shown up in yet another leak, this time a detailed 12 minute video.

A YouTube user by the name of Rimas Flyil – the same source as a previous video showing off the Sirius – has posted a 12 minute video that shows off the supposed Xperia Z2 in great detail. He doesn't offer any voiceover explanation of what we're seeing, but there are a lot of new features and specs displayed during the footage. The rear camera has a max resolution of 20.7MP in 4:3 aspect ration, but you now can switch to 16:9 if you so choose and shoot at 15.5MP. There is no change to the default resolution being 8MP at 16:9. It also appears that there are a few changes to the ports such as those that reside on the left side of the device are now covered by a single door, the security latch has changed sides and the camera button may be slightly enlarged.

On the software side of the changes, the boot animation has been updated as well as the live wallpaper. The notification bar also appears to be using icons that more closely resemble those in KitKat. There is also a new notification center in Settings that will let you more easily manage what your apps alert you to.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what is new in this video, and it is well worth your time to check out.

Sony has still not made any official announcements in regards to the "Sirius," but with Mobile World Congress just days away at this point, we won't be too surprised to see it show up at the conference. TechnoBuffalo will be in Spain for the show, so make sure to tune in for all of our coverage of any potential announcement.