We were certain Sony was through announcing new products at its press conference on Monday, but it surprised everybody by introducing the Xperia Z1 Compact, which is essentially a smaller version of the company’s famous Z1 flagship. Sony was adamant this is a no-compromise device, just in a smaller package, and our short experience with the handset left us feeling quite impressed by its capabilities. Not only did it feel quick and smooth, but the build quality was incredibly solid; fans of smaller devices will love the Z1 Compact, because it’s not simply one of those “mini” iterations other companies have churned out.

Sony kind of out did itself by announcing the Z1 Compact in a number of different colors, including yellow, white, pink and red. Everybody loves a bit of color, and Sony clearly wanted to capitalize on the opportunity. From a design standpoint—color, build, feel—think of the Z1 Compact as Sony’s Lumia: great camera, solid quality, fun experience.

No pricing or carrier information was shared, so it’s unclear when consumers can get their hands-on the device. Even though we’ve only spent a brief time with the Z1 Compact, we very much like what we saw. If you’re a big fan of Sony’s handsets, this one might be the one to get. However, the company might introduce a big flagship for 2014 at Mobile World Congress next month, so you might want to hold out on making any decisions until then.