Sony Xperia Z on T-Mobile leak 2

Images of a Sony Xperia Z with T-Mobile branding have popped up, but does that really mean we’ll be seeing the handset on the Uncarrier?

TmoNews has been sent some images of the Sony Xperia Z with the T-Mobile logo on it. This at least confirms that the carrier is testing the device on its network, but that does not, however, guarantee that we will see an actual release for the handset. The site does confirm beyond the pictures that it has confirmed with three different sources that the testing is indeed underway, but no information is available beyond that.

It has been quite a while since we’ve seen a Sony handset on T-Mobile, but the carrier is obviously in the mood to change things up as evidenced by its recent unveiling of the Uncarrier plans. Could that also potentially mean a change in the handsets it carries?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Sony Xperia Z on T-Mobile leak 1