Sony Xperia Z - Product - Image

The Sony Xperia Z will be the next flagship phone to receive a special "Google Edition" loaded with stock Android straight from the box, according to sources at Android Geeks. The phone has yet to officially land on a U.S. carrier, and rumors are already flying around another Google collaboration.

This will make Sony's flagship phone the third in line after the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One to get a "Google Edition."

Android Geeks said that the source is a Sony insider who wishes to remain anonymous and claims that the phone will be officially announced sometime in July. An exact date release date has not been decided yet.

The Xperia Z already supports Sony's Android Open Source Project, so installing stock Android on the basic model is already an option. However, these existing Z users do not receive the normal firmware updates released by Google.

Sony has yet to comment, so consider this just a rumor for now. However, it does seem likely that this will come to pass given that "Google Edition" phones are a current trend. Looks like Google wants everyone to experience how great vanilla Android is before they officially announce 4.3.