It was disappointing to see Sony's latest crop of Xperia smartphones launch without Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed. But fortunately for those of you who picked up the Xperia S, the wait for Android 4.0 is nearly over.

According to a support representative on Sony's official forums, the update will drop sometime between late May and early June. The rumors you may have been hearing about a June/July launch is simply "speculation":

Xperia S is planned to get ICS somewhere around late May/early June. That's what's been said and that's still what we're sticking to. Any other dates (such as "June/July") is just speculation.

The roll out is, as always, gradual and will not happen over night for all phones. Some phones might get the update in late May whilst other will get in i mid June etc.

That means you only have to stick with Gingerbread for another 2-4 weeks, which is around the same time Sony is scheduled to issue the Ice Cream Sandwich update to its 2011 Xperia devices.

Are you looking forward to tasting Ice Cream Sandwich on your Xperia S?

[via The Verge]