Shuhei Yoshida

In the increasingly corporate gaming world, it's always nice to know that some of the people calling the shots are genuine gamers and not just talking suits. Nintendo's entire line-up of familiar faces, Microsoft's Phil Spencer, and of course Sony, whose Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida is on record as being one of the biggest gamers out there.

Prior to E3 2015, Yoshida stopped by PlayStation Underground to show off his unhealthy obsession for Bloodborne. Not by talking about it, mind you, but by playing it. PlayStation Underground sat Yoshida down on a couch as he challenged a high-level Chalice Dungeon, and they recorded the whole thing.

Well, he's certainly got me beat, and to further rub salt in the wound, his PlayStation account registers him as having a Platinum trophy for Bloodborne, just to prove that this is not all smoke and hot air.