When a company decides to completely obscure the sales figures for one of their products, odds are that they aren't exactly pleased with its performance. Quality sales numbers are like a marketing bullet point; when they're present, they're talked about frequently.

Unfortunately for the PlayStation Vita, Sony is currently unwilling to share the current sales performance of its newest handheld gaming system.

Sony posted their Q1 financial report yesterday. The gaming sector of their business saw a 14.1% drop compared to last year's first financial quarter. That percentage accounts for more than 3.5 billion yen ($44.7 million) lost. As such, Sony has dropped the income expectancy in this year's financial forecast.

Is this newest handheld from Sony tanking? Or, are these just early sputters on the way to eventual greatness? I love the device, and I'm convinced all it needs for a tall order of success are a few more great games. That, and maybe a small price cut.

It helped the Nintendo 3DS, right?

[via VideoGamer]