Sony Survey

The PlayStation 4 is already the best selling video game console in the world, but as with anything, there is always room for improvement. Sony is currently sending out random surveys to its players, asking for suggestions from its user base of what it would most like to see to make the PlayStation 4 an all around better experience.

As found on NeoGAF, Sony is asking how interested its fanbase is with PSOne and PS2 Classic support, notifications when friends sign on, the ability to delete items from your library, PSOne and PS2 Classic support, custom backgrounds, downloaded avatars, PSOne and PS2 Classic support, the ability to change PSN account names, oh, and PSOne and PS2 Classic support.

Did I mention the PSOne and PS2 Classic support? You know, because I have about 90 digital video games stuck on my PlayStation 3 that can’t be used by any other means, and I don’t want to see those become useless for when Sony introduces “PlayStation Now Classic” streaming. I guess the PS Vita can play the PSOne Classics, but we all know Sony isn’t going to be updating that any time soon.

I won’t waste my breath or my finger strength asking for PS2 support.

NeoGAF says that the survey is by invite only, so you’ll have to keep an eye on your inbox if you want to fill it out and contribute your thoughts and ideas. Just remember… PSOne and PS2 Classic support. Because playing Shinobi and Legend of Mana on a 1080p television is exactly the reason I sunk $500 on this amazing piece of machinery.