Sony’s Vaio Fit 14A is an affordable but powerful laptop that plays to Windows 8’s touch-friendly strengths. Built inside a slim aluminum frame, the hybrid is lightweight and terrifically portable, and attractive to boot. Sony has consistently built some very handsome devices over the past few years, and the Fit 14A is no different.

Unlike some other hybrids that so earnestly try to achieve that perfect tablet/laptop experience, the Fit 14A has the right amount of portability and power, allowing users to take advantage of traditional laptop features with a beautiful touchscreen 1080p display. The device actually has three different modes: Laptop, Viewer and Tablet; each mode is pretty self explanatory and easy to executive, with a simple release and lock mechanism to perform each action. The three modes correlate to different use-cases, and depend on your situation. Want to watch a movie? Tablet mode. Type up a paper? Laptop mode. Etc.

On the inside, the Fit 14A sports an Intel Core i3, 1.70Ghz, Intel HD Graphics 4400, 4GB of RAM, 14-inch 1080p display, 500GB of internal storage and Windows 8, which can be upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free. If you’re a student or someone that needs extreme portability and power, but also the convenience of a tablet, Sony’s device might be the perfect way to get the both of both worlds. The Fit 14A is subtly handsome, and features some neat tricks that make it a great option for students and professionals. You can pick up the Fit 14A now.