sony walkman headphones

Sony just announced a new Walkman device (remember those?), and this new product may just be a must-have from music lovers on the go. The 3-in-1 WH series headphones look like a simple set of over-ear headphones, but the sleek design hides a built-in MP3 player as well as an external speaker. The device comes in two different models, a baseline NWZ-WH303 model and a high-end NWZ-WH505 model.

For the most part, the two versions of Sony's new Walkman headphones are pretty much the same. Both are compatible with Mac and PC, both offer the same built-in stereo surround-sound speakers, and both boast 20 hours on a full charge. You'll even get an hour of battery life after just three minutes of charging. However, the WH505 offers 16GB of music storage, enough for about 4,000 songs, while the WH303 is restricted to 4GB or about 1,000 tracks. The WH505 also offers a slightly better bass with its 40mm headphone driver unit, compared to 30mm version found on the WH303.

Sony hasn't revealed how much the new headphones will cost or when they might be available, though we guess they'll hit stores in the next month or so, just in time for the holidays.