We knew something has been coming for the God of War franchise for a while now. There have been leaks, rumors and even an oddly named image URL. God of War was getting an announcement this morning.

Now, it's officially. Sony has unveiled God of War: Ascension. While not labeled God of War IV, this is the fourth console title in the line of games.

This title serves as a prequel, of sorts. Kratos is not the Ghost of Sparta yet, and, as the trailer highlights, he's not even consumed by rage up until this point. This is about Kratos', wait for it, ascension.

Sony will host a livestream packed with information for God of War: Ascension on April 30th at 11am EST. As more info comes for the game, including actual gameplay footage, screenshots and a release date, we'll have it.

For now, is this what you were hoping for with Sony's recent teasing?

[via PlayStation Blog]

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