I won't make fun if you if you don't remember PocketStation. It's a pretty vague memory for me, too. It's been eleven years, after all, which makes it an even bigger surprise that Sony is teasing, in the strange news report-style video below, a PocketStation announcement coming Nov. 5.

The PocketStation was a memory card and mini-PDA accessory for the first PlayStation, not unlike Sega Dreamcast's Visual Memory Unit, which was released later that year and much-better remembered (since it receied actual U.S. and European releases).

There are a few big questions we're waiting to see answers to at the Nov. 5 announcement. What exactly will this new incarnation of PocketStation be? Hardware seems unlikely, but a smartphone app or maybe even a PS Vita app seems likely. What will it do? Will it even get a US edition considering the fate of the briefly advertised, never released original?

We'll see this coming Tuesday.