Sony of Japan has put up a brand new trailer for a mysterious new game. The title is Panopticon. Aside from the three minute clip, not much else is known about the game at all.

Except for this: the game's full reveal is happening next week on May 21st.

Those of you with calendars featuring important dates in gaming industry stuff might already notice an odd conflict with that May 21st reveal. May 21st, that's next Tuesday, is the same day that Microsoft intends to unveil their next gen console.

Of course, thanks to the rules of international timezones, the Panopticon reveal will be long over before Microsoft's presser even begins. Still, one would think Sony would have announced a big game when it would dominate its given news cycle, not when it will be swept under the rug by much bigger news.

Whatever Panopticon is, we'll have it on May 21st.