PlayStation Network LogoGamasutra has reportedly received an internal document meant for developers regarding the upcoming resurrection of the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation Network. According to the memo, Sony has said that they intend to bring the store online on May 24th, less than a week from now.

Gamasutra explains that the memo details the nature with which Sony will handle publishing all of the now backlogged content. With a month of downtime, there have been a host of weekly releases that have seen indefinite delays. Those publishers and developers have suffered the missing storefront time. According to the letter, Sony will perform two content releases each week in order to beat down the stack of delayed downloadables. That's a change from their standard effort to release content once a week.

Sony reportedly indicated that they would be releasing the content in congruence with the need for publication. One would assume that Sony is aiming to release multiplatform content sooner rather than later to clear up the discrepancies between it and the 360 that currently stand. There's no telling how publishers and developers will jockey for position from this point forward, but one can assume that the companies are frustrated with their loss in revenue.

If Sony does hit this May 24th relaunch date, that means users can start claiming their free products that are being offered up by Sony as a welcome back and apology package. In brief, users will be able to claim four free games across the PS3 and PSP, a month of PlayStation Plus and a weekend of free movies. We've already done up a story regarding the full set of "please forgive us" content being offered, so give that a read.

Once the store officially opens for business, you will have thirty days to claim your free games.

As always, we'll have more on Sony and the PSN story as it develops.

[via Gamasutra]