Driveclub - GamesCom 2013 - Screenshots - 004

According to a report from, Sony studios Evolution, Guerrilla Cambridge, and SCE London were notified of layoffs today.

The total number of employees affected by what Sony is calling a “focused restructure” is unavailable at the time of writing this post.

Sony says that this is part of a regular reviews process that applies to all Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide studios, which a spokesperson says “ensures that the resources we have in such a competitive business can create and produce high quality, innovative, and commercially viable projects.”

Guerrilla Cambridge most recently released Killzone Mercenary for the PS Vita last year and hasn’t announced anything new quite yet. SCE London Studio is responsible for the pack-in The Playroom, a set of minigames meant to demo the PlayStation Eye camera for the PlayStation 4.

Most notably, though, are the layoffs at Evolution Studios. The studio’s Driveclub was originally a launch title before being delayed at the last minute. A spokesperson also confirmed to that Driveclub is still on target for its “early 2014” launch and is unaffected by the layoffs.

What have been affected by the layoffs though, are the lives of the many members of those studios, as well as their families. We hope they can either join up with some of the other UK-based game studios or even start up a new one to show us what they can do.