Another E3, another chance for Sony to deny the cancellation of Team ICO's long anticipated giant chihuahua simulator, The Last Guardian. Seriously now, this has become a running joke of the convention.

Once again, a news outlet, this time IGN, reported that Sony's follow up to the cult classics ICO and Shadows of the Colossus was cancelled by Sony, and once again, Sony was forced to respond to debunk to rumors by merely laughing in the faces of worried fans.

In development since 2007 and first announced at E3 in 2009, The Last Guardian has been to and from development limbo more than just about any other game in history. It's been worked on for so long that the original designer has even moved on from Sony but still contributes his vision to the game as a contract worker. Its delays even pushed it beyond the generation it was intended for, leaving the PlayStation 3 with the Team ICO game it was promised.

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida often brushes rumors of cancellation aside as silly speculation. Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu still seems to think that its happening, and nothing from Sony has ever stated concretely that the game is dead. Could this be the year we finally see it at E3? Who cares!

You have to wonder that if not now, then "Why?" Why do we even care about this game nobody obviously has any interest in making or publishing at Sony? Why do we get hyped every year just to be let down again? Why are we hoping against hope that this game doesn't turn into the next Duke Nukem Forever, and why does Sony want to drag this out for as long as possible?

Sorry, but I just don't care anymore. ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are fun little games made popular during the PlayStation 2, but those games were released an entire decade ago. I haven't lost any sleep over a game I haven't seen fresh footage of in fives years, and neither should you. If it happens? Great, whatever. If it doesn't, well, bigger and more important games have been lost or canceled before. It's part of life. Get used to it.