Sony introduced its upcoming “Core” wearable during CES, and at Mobile World Congress we had a brief look at the company’s SmartBand — another wearable that will work with an upcoming Lifelog application.  I found Lifelog to be particularly interesting because it’s not just about tracking your health: it’s about tracking everything.

So, with the SmartBand on, you might be using your phone to play video games, watch music and more. The Lifelog app is capable of keeping track of how long you spend doing anything: sitting still, driving in a car, using the aforementioned media, or actually walking around. At the end of the day, you might see that you played games for 25 minutes at 2p.m., then walked 4,000 steps, slept for an hour and then watched a movie before driving a half an hour to dinner. It’s really cool to see all your activities visualized – and can step back through time to see what you did, and when, on a timeline.

The devices and the app are set to launch sometime in Q1, so time is running out and we should see them all relatively soon. Check out our video and gallery for a closer look.