Sony’s Smartband 2 is finally official after leaking early last month. The device features an upgraded design with new sensors inside, along with a vibration engine and LED lights for showing your incoming notifications

The new fitness tracker packs a heart rate monitor and accelerometer that work together to measure your stress, pulse, sleep, motion and even how calm or excited you are. All that information is organized in Sony’s Lifelog app. From there you can search through your history over the past days, week and months. The app even shows you what big events, music and photos you logged at that time.

The new Smartband also features a set of customizable LEDs, which light up in different patterns depending on the type of notification you receive. That way you can ignore a Facebook update if you’re in the middle of a workout without risking that you’ll miss an important call. Sony also notes that the device vibrates gently so it won’t bother you too much with each alert.

The design consists of a removable module and swappable silicone wristbands. The Smartband 2 comes in either white or black, and Sony will also offer pink and blue bands so you can match your fitness tracker to the rest of your outfit. It features an IP68 waterproof rating so it should be fine in up to 3 meters of water.

The device launches next month for $132 and works with iOS and Android devices. Hopefully we’ll have more on this new wearable soon. For now check out Sony’s promotional video below.