Sony’s done well enough for itself through the PlayStation 4 for the last several years, and it feels that placing more hope in the continued success of the console is the right move heading into the next financial year. When we last checked in January, the PlayStation 4 had sold 35.9 million units worldwide, and those numbers have no doubt risen in the time period since.

Sony now thinks it has the momentum to sell another 20 million over the course of the next year ending on March 31, 2017. Sony’s financial reports state that in the forecast section, meaning it will mark an increase over the 17.7 million Sony also confirms.

However, if we assume that sales have held firm, and the PlayStation 4 roughly stands at around 40 million, that would mean Sony would have to sell half of what it has already sold over a single year. It would also put the PlayStation 4 at an astounding 60 million consoles. Not unprecedented, but not an easy goal either.

My guess is that Sony is banking on a the huge influx of Japanese games, which will not only start to pique the interest of fans in North America, but also the fans back in its home country as well. With promises of genuine Japanese hits that the general public actually might want, the console finally has a shot at catching hold in Japan. Japanese games might not dominate the market like they once did, but never underestimate the alluring power of Final FantasyPersona, or Dragon Quest.

That is a fools errand.

Of course, there might be other factors Sony knows that we have yet to learn. Another game from Rockstar perhaps? The DLC exclusivity deal with Call of Duty heading into its sophomore year? We’ll probably know more after E3 2016.