Sony is reportedly in the final stages of creating a full-frame, mirrorless camera, essentially combining its excellent RX1 with its NEX line. A rumor out of Sony Alpha Rumors claims the shooter is already in the final stages of production, though an official announcement isn't set for another year.

In particular, Sony's RX1 is a wonderful achievement that pushes the point-and-shoot market in an exciting direction, although its almost $3,000 price tag leaves a lot of consumers high and dry. Still, for avid enthusiasts, the prospect of such a device will further push Sony as a major player in the digital market.

Prototypes allegedly being worked on include a 24-megapixel full-frame sensor model, and 30-32-megapixel model. While their arrivals are still a ways off, perhaps Sony will use the time to stuff the internals into the smallest possible package; right now, sources say the camera will be a bulkier version of the NEX-7.