Sony sold off a majority of its VAIO PC business last year, and the company isn't afraid to sell off other segments as well, according to a new report from Reuters that suggests Sony's TV and mobile segments may be on the chopping block in the future.

According to Reuters, Sony won't completely rule out either a sale or new joint ventures for its mobile and TV units. That might be a wise choice if it can't turn those segments around; Sony's mobile unit posted a $1.6 billion loss during fiscal Q2, dragging down the company's earnings overall. Thankfully, Sony's PlayStation and camera image sensor units, have performed better than its TV and mobile units.

"Electronics in general, along with entertainment and finance, will continue to be an important business," Citigroup analyst Kota Ezawa told Reuters. "But within that there are some operations that will need to be run with caution – and that might be TV or mobile, for example."

Sony hasn't confirmed plans to tweak either its TV or mobile units yet, though it will need to define a stronger strategy moving forward if it continues to operate in both market segments.