As part of Sony’s “Be Moved” campaign, which it says highlights the intersection between artistry and engineering, the company this week released an awesome new documentary showing off what its QX100 lens is capable of. The $500 accessory is designed to help smartphone owners up their photography skills, offering a 1-inch 20.2-megapixel Exmor sensor, control ring and Carl Zeiss lens with 3.6x optical zoom. In the video, called “Separate Together,” we get a perfect example of how the lens’s portability and unique features help users capture amazing shots and video.

Filming was achieved exclusively using the QX100, and took place inside an amazing 52,000 square foot exhibit space known as Northlandz, which is the world’s largest model railway. As the video shows, the railway is absolutely beautiful, featuring three-story papier-mâché canyons, thousands of buildings and hundreds of trains. The entire thing took 35 years to build, and was done by a single man, Bruce Williams.

While the video and photography were shot by professionals, both show the kind of quality great artists can produce no matter the tools. The tool just so happens to be a pretty awesome lens attachment, and not some fancy movie camera that costs thousands of dollars. In addition to the video, there’s a nice Northlandz exhibit posted on the Separate Together website (link below), further showing off the QX100’s prowess.