Sony has announced via its Sony Developer World website that an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich beta is now available to download for the Xperia Play. The company is asking developers to focus on gameplay performance and highlight which games work well, which ones don't, and "any unexpected behavior."

The Japanese company writes:

As games are such a crucial part of Xperia™ PLAY, we would like to know how well this ICS beta for Xperia™ PLAY works when you're playing games.

Of course, big parts of the work with games are already initiated, and we work close with several game partners on this. However, we would still like to get additional input from you, to get your opinion on how the content and games work on your Xperia PLAY.

We are especially interested in how the gaming experience works on ICS beta for Xperia™ PLAY, what games that work well and if there is any unexpected behaviour.

Sony has asked developers to specifically answer certain questions when providing their feedback, including, "did the buttons work properly?", "did the touch pads work properly?" and "did you experience any lagging?"

Sony recommends that only "advanced developers" with "extensive knowledge" install this beta on their Xperia Play devices, and the usual caveats apply: You will need to unlock your handset to install the ROM, and Google apps — including Gmail, Google Maps, and Face Unlock — and Wi-Fi will not work.

It goes without saying, then, that you won't want this installed on your main device just yet, no matter how much you want Ice Cream Sandwich.

If you are a developer, however, let us know what ICS is like on the Xperia Play.

[via The Verge]