A day before Sony’s scheduled Sept. 4 event at IFA, the company’s new lens cameras are again getting the full unofficial unveil. The newest leaks don’t add much more to the equation, but they are proof that Sony will very likely be introducing a set of standalone lens cameras that can attach to most smartphones—iOS and Android. If you’re not the type to throw down money for a dedicated shooter, but want results beyond what smartphones are capable of, this new technology from Sony might be right up your alley.

The first leak merely reveals what each lens camera will look like, along with a confirmation of their names. We already got a fairly good glimpse at (presumably) official press shots of each lens this past weekend, so this is more of the same. But these new images show what each lens camera will look like attached to what look like Xperia devices. It appears the QX100 lens can attach to a special case made for Sony devices—I imagine you attach it the same way you’d attach a DSLR lens to a camera body.

Additionally, a video ad for both devices has leaked out ahead of schedule, showing the lenses in action in typical use case scenarios. Judging by the technology at play here, we were already excited by the prospect of attachment lenses, this video gets us even more excited to see what they can do. What’s neat about the lenses is that since they connect to a smartphone via Wi-Fi or presumably a Bluetooth connection established by NFC, they don’t necessarily need to be attached. So, in some instances, as demonstrated by the video, you can take some terrific selfies by merely holding the lens as you would a smartphone or dedicated shooter.

Given the information we have, you absolutely need a smartphone for these to work; if you happen to forget your device, but still have the lens cameras with you, they’ll essentially be useless. At this point, we’re not too sure if the lens camera can act as a standalone device, or if it’ll rely on your smartphone and a downloaded app to function. Either way, the lens attachments looks very easy to use, and will surely add some dynamism to your average smartphone shooter (which, by the way, are getting better everyday).

Price will be key for these to succeed—a previous rumor pegged the QX10 for $250, and the QX100 for $400. Considering the technology that’s packed in each lens, you’ll definitely be getting a lot of bang for you buck. We’ll know for sure what each of these lens cameras offer once Sony makes them official at, we assume, the company’s Sept. 4 event.