In speaking with IndustryGamers, SCEA Senior Vice President of Publisher Relations Rob Dyer admitted that Microsoft has a big lead in terms of consoles sold. As Dyer explained, for every PlayStation 3 that’s been sold, 1.6 Xbox 360s have also been sold. That 1.6 lead is called the index ratio.

However, according to Dyer, despite their smaller installation base, Sony is leading Microsoft in the arena of software sold. The reason for that comes down to Sony’s console specific exclusives. Here’s Dyer:

“If you have a choice between buying a PS3 version and an Xbox version of Mortal Kombat, which one are you buying? You’re buying the PS3 version because you can play as Kratos. Although Microsoft has a 1.6 to 1 index ratio against us [on hardware], we outsold them on Mortal Kombat nearly at a 1 to 1. So that is due in large part to the exclusive content that you’re getting on disc. You’ll see that happening on almost every case where we’ve had a game that they’ve supported with on disc content or with exclusive DLC.”

Sony uses that 1.6 install base ratio as a guideline for success in the software market. So, and this is me inferring a lot of information because the source article simply doesn’t line it up clearly for ingestion, for each PS3 that’s been sold, there have been 1.6 360s sold. That gives Microsoft the edge in install base. In a complete software sales tie, using the ratio of install base as a guide, for every PS3 version of a game sold there should be 1.6 versions of said game for the 360.

Got it? In software sales, a ratio of 1.6 means that sony is matching Microsoft in game sales per console.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, Sony’s Dyer dropped some sales statistics for popular games in order to illustrate his point. IndustryGamers grabbed each item and highlighted the PlayStation 3 exclusive content that pushed the ratio in Sony’s favor. Here it is:

Mortal Kombat: Index ratio of 0.91 -Included Kratos as an exclusive playable character in PS3 version

Medal of Honor: Index ratio of 1.2
-Exclusively included an MOH Frontline HD remake -Beta invite to Battlefield

Portal 2: Index ratio of 1.6 Sony’s comment: “While the 1.6 index ratio is on par with the hardware index ratio, it is below the total index for shooting genre title on both platforms of 1.9. The PS3 version exclusively included a PC version of the game and Steam integration. Also, important to note, that Valve had a heritage on Xbox and this was the first title in this generation that shipped day and date on both platforms.”

NBA 2K11: Index ratio of 1.2
-Move and 3D Support -Partner in PlayStation/Coke promotion through Move launch

LA Noire: Index of 1.22 -PS3 version included an exclusive downloadable pack “The Consuls Car”

Dante’s Inferno: Index ratio of .93 -Exclusive Divine Edition, exclusive demo on PSN

For the sake of discussion, let’s toss ratios right out the window. Do exclusives like the ones above dictate which console you purchase your games for? Assuming, of course, you have multiple consoles.

[via IndustryGamers]