Shuhei Yoshida on the Miiverse

Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida has always been one to speak his mind when it comes to topics surrounding his company's products and the gaming industry at large. This high-profile executive is a fan favorite for that reason and many others.

Today's blip from Yoshida comes in the form of commentary surrounding the Wii U. Yoshida has already spoken highly of the console before, and it's known that he plays a lot of Wii U with his family. Now, he says the Wii U is "just getting started."

"The latest Mario game is really good, too. I think the Wii U is just getting started."

That quote comes from a recent appearance during Kurokawa Juku, a Japanese internet-based talk show. One of the audience members was a reporter for Japanese gaming site GameLab. That reporter asked Yoshida why the Wii U's sales numbers were so low so far.

Yoshida offered the quote above, along with this.

"I own 2 Wii Us, myself…

…People can get together and enjoy [the Wii U], it's got plenty of wonderful games…Nintendo helps raise and teaches the fun of games to people just starting out. I think that's a very important thing in this industry."

Yoshida's taken this position on the Wii U a few times recently. He's said that Nintendo's great because it gets people to play traditional console and handheld games from a young age alone and together as a family. Those "new" gamers can grow into full-fledged ones down the line.

In Yoshida's view, that's good for the whole industry.

Personally, I love all of my consoles for their own unique merits. I think Nintendo has always been great at tweaking its formula for games and systems just enough to keep things interesting while maintaining a high bar for quality.

It's great to see a company exec come out in support of what competition offers. Competition, of course, is awesome for any industry.