Sony is apparently working on two new models of the PlayStation 4. A leak thanks to the Federal Communications Commissions has highlighted two new versions, but only one of them has an immediately obvious difference: twice the storage space!

Yes, in these days of downloadable games and massive day-1 patches needed to get games up to trailer performance, 500GB is not enough anyone, I guess. That’s where the CUH-1215B model comes into play. It will have 1TB of hardware space for all your games, patches, save files, and screenshots.

Sony also has another CUH-1215A model in the works, but storage remains the same at 500GB. A good guess would be the newer models’ power usage which improves to 230 W and 2.3-0.95 A. The older PlayStation 4 models hover at about 250 W and 2.5-1.15 A. Cheaper energy bills for all!

PlayStation 4 models

We’ll keep an eye out for more information, but for now, Sony’s E3 press conference seems like a solid place to officially reveal these. Treat them as a very strong rumor for now.