Sony’s PlayStation VR is a big step for virtual reality because it offers a powerful, affordable experience for the masses. While it’ll primarily be used for gaming, Sony is apparently exploring other use-cases, including movies and TV.

Speaking to IGN, SIE Worldwide Studios chairman Shawn Layden said PSVR owners should expect non-gaming applications, adding there’s been a lot of interest from big Hollywood studios. Apparently, Sony recently met with a group of well-known TV showrunners who responded positively to the PSVR’s capabilities.

While PSVR owners shouldn’t expect the arrival of non-gaming anytime soon, it’s nice to hear Sony is open to the idea. After all, Oculus has an entire division dedicated to creating non-gaming content for its VR headset, and we’ve already seen some cool promotional VR content from big movie studios over the past few years.

The trouble with a narrative-driven VR experience is figuring out how to draw a person’s attention to a specific point. Ahead of The Conjuring 2’s release this summer, Warner Bros. made a fun movie tie-in that successfully told a story while remaining engaging. Hopefully, Sony is exploring similar opportunities for the PSVR.

The PlayStation VR launches on Oct. 13 for $399.