Sony’s PlayStation 4 is beautiful, angular, an impressive jetblack machine that’s subtle and refined. Microsoft’s Xbox One, well, it’s big—and the power brick isn’t even built in like in the PS4. That’s not to say the Xbox One’s design looks particularly bad, though there’s nothing all that remarkable about it. When you put the two side by side, it’s easy to see which one has the superior design. It’s ok Xbox fans, you can admit the PlayStation 4 bested the Xbox One in this category.

Of course, the two consoles are designed with two different approaches in mind. Whereas the PS4 wants to make gaming more social, the Xbox One wants to takeover your entire living room while making other peripherals obsolete. While the PS4 does sport a smaller, skinnier frame, the Xbox One does include Kinect and offer some wonderful features, so you’re getting a bit more technology for your buck—$100 more to be exact.

Really, though, this post isn’t meant to ignite a flame war or argue which console is better. The two have relatively subdued launch titles, so it’s difficult to get a true feel of what each has to offer this early on. We’re excited for both, and think each offers a lot of value. So which one do you think looks better?