Feel like looking at the insides of the PlayStation 4 Pro? Sony’s done the dirty work, voided the warranty and cracked open their own console.

How will they return it if it breaks?!?

Interestingly, Sony also revealed that owners will be able to get at the console’s fan themselves. Why would they do this? Cleaning, of course. You want to clean your machine’s fan, and this will not void the warranty.

You can remove the hard disc and replace it if you want, too. That won’t void the warranty either.

Do not tear the warranty tape on your PS4 Pro

You can remove the hard drive, and you can get to the fan. That’s all you can do with the insides of the PS4 Pro. If you want to go further, you’ll need to tear through some tape that signifies tampering.

If you rip that tape, you will void the warranty on your machine. If it breaks, Sony will not help you once that tape is messed up.

Enter your console at your own risk.