This news is a little frightening and frustrating. A United States patent application from Sony Computer Entertainment of America has turned up that may have some sad implications for gaming.

The patent itself is exceptionally brief. Basically, it shows that Sony has eyes on interrupting in-game moments in order to show users brief advertisements. The flow will run like this: Gameplay will slow down, Users will see a warning that their game is about to pause, the game will pause, an ad will appear, a new warning that gameplay will resume shows up, the game content rewinds slightly and then the game continues.

The image you see towards the upper-right corner of this article actually comes from the patent documents themselves.

Okay, so, this stinks. But, let's say this here and now, patent documents show nothing more than what could potentially come to the world of gaming. Sony simply applied for a patent, this isn't an announcement or even a possible incoming feature. It's an idea that the company is kicking around and has sights on possibly implementing.

If they do, in fact, make use of this tech in either this or the future generation of consoles, how will you feel. What if the only way to escape these ads is to become a PlayStation Plus subscriber? Just tossing that idea out into the deep blue sea before moving on.

If Sony comments on the patent, will bring that to you.

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