Sony Xperia Z3-3

Sony’s smartphone business isn’t healthy. The Japanese giant has been cutting jobs left and right, with rumors suggesting it could sell off the division entirely. But in a recent interview with Arabian Business, Sony mobile chief Hiroki Totoki promised the company isn’t planning an exit any time soon.

Totoki, who stepped into the position last November, is still struggling to fix Sony’s smartphone strategy. He was picked directly by Sony CEO and President Kazuo Hirai and notes that he’s been working nonstop ever since. “I’ve been quite busy,” he said.

When asked directly if Sony would consider selling off its Xperia division Totoki flatly denied the rumors. “We will never ever sell or exit from the current mobile business,” he said, adding that there’s no way to justify walking away from such a big and important market. The company also has big plans for wearables and the Internet of Things, though Totoki wouldn’t elaborate on the future road map.

As for its smartphone family, the company is expected to announce an Xperia Z5 later this year in an effort to get back on track. The device allegedly packs a cutting-edge processor and a massive battery along with Sony’s own high-end camera. Sony may introduce Xperia Z5 Ultra and Compact variants this year as well, though for now we’re just happy to hear the division won’t be shutting down.