Competition in the gaming industry is often cordial and friendly, at least when we have big names and companies getting along with one another. It isn’t always the same when you dive into a gaming forum, but the higher ups all try and quell that noise with a positive atmosphere.

Microsoft, Sony, and all of Nintendo’s third-party partners joined together last week to congratulate Nintendo on the launch of the Switch. In fact, even other entities like Arby’s and Domino’s had a chance to give their piece to Nintendo as well.

Not a lot of franchises demand this kind of respect

Arby’s and Domino’s even went out of their way to make a special salute to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by using their own products and design creatively.

Not a lot of franchises get this kind of respect from outside forces, but that is just a sign of how beloved the series is to a generation of gamers who have been with it since day 1. Some young’ins might dismiss it as nostalgia because they hate being on the outside looking in, but I call it a thankful response to 30 continued years of success and a legacy that still dominates our imaginations.

I can guarantee that nobody thought The Legend of Zelda would have this kind of sustained critical response this many years into the future when they were making the first game. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you’ll most likely never see a franchise have this successful of a run ever again.

Some come and go and others spike in popularity, but nothing is quite like The Legend of Zelda.