Sony announced during its E3 press event that it wants to make 3D an affordable technology. With more than 100 games playable in three-dimensions available for PlayStation users, the consumer electronics giant announced plans to release two new 3D hardware products: a PlayStation-branded 3D monitor and glasses.

The monitor has a 24-inch display built specifically for the PlayStation 3. It allows two people playing a game to see separate screens each – which means no more split-screens as your both looking at the same screen but you will see different images. Sony claims that the monitor could live comfortably in dorm rooms and living rooms all around the world.

The new 3D glasses contain active-shutter technology and all will be available this fall, available with Resistance 3 in a bundle for $499.

What do you, fellow gamers, think? Do you want to get a hold of Sony’s latest product? Do you think that the cooperative games will effectively utilize the technology? Sound off in the comments below.